With her blessing, I used her idea and hand-stitched Velcro strips to all four back side edges of a quilt and stapled the matching strips to a complete stretcher bar frame that I painted black (below left). Your posts are always so interesting and informative. When framing with a mat or without glass, the tapestry must be stretched across a board to prevent undulations and to hold the mounted fabric in the frame. This is another technique I used on one small quilt: https://twiggyandopal.blogspot.com/2016/01/hanging-mini-quilt-tutorial.html, Your email address will not be published. 00 1.) What an informative and helpful post, Susan! Both of these links demonstrate how to create the sleeve with a convex curve of fabric so that the rod or hanging bar doesn’t cause a bulge on the top front of your quilt (below)—something I didn’t know when I started quilt making. $105.00 #14. I used the sleeve method; inserted a flat steel bar and attached it to a Magnetic Invisible Quilt hanging system featured in the vendor area at Road to California quilt show. The sleeve on the back of my croc quilt was made in four five foot sections! As you decide how to hang your quilt, it’s important to consider where your quilt will hang. Have you ever wanted to preserve some of those lovely fall leaves year round? Thanks so much for all of these, Susan! There are plenty of tutorials around the internet that describe how it’s done. How are they cleaned? Hi Stephanie – it’s an excepted thing to do in the framing world, something about humidity. The quilt seems ok, but I haven’t pulled it apart to look closer. Quilts are being recognized more and more as an art form. If you have added beads to your cross stitch or are framing a raised embroidery piece you might want to look at frames with a deep rebate, that is the "lip" on the back where you sit the glass, fabric and mount boards. I usually “float” my finished quilt on the mat board, or in my case onto acid-free buff colored foam board. The quilt blocks feature painted, distressed wood frames that are deep enough to accommodate spacers, which elevate glass without a mat. She completed the piece in the 1960’s and it was framed with a glass over it. Today, the line between craft and art can get pretty blurry. This video is an example of the content received by my Patreon supporters. In response to your email, yes to a walk! Great tips for hanging our Art Quilts. If you do frame under glass, you need a way to keep the glass from pressing onto the quilt in order to create some breathing space. Fenton glass I believe. Displaying a quilt, or any other object, elevates it (not just literally). Check out our framed quilt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our wall décor shops. Disassemble the frame and place the mat on a flat, even surface. Framing provides an alternative option for displaying doilies. What a picture framer will do—and you can as well—is to attach the quilt with needle and thread through the back of the board. I won't send you spam. Thanks for all you give to the quilting world. “Furniture as an Art” Construction techniques (joinery) 18th century inspired sewing chest out of tiger maple; Choosing lumber for a project ( petite open face curio out of quartersawn white oak ) Very nicely framed block quilt under glass - was someone's retirement sendoff - (27 3/4" x 28 1/2") Sale Closed. Now to get my fanny in gear and get going on my first Susan Carlson style quilt. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Sale Closed. That’s because, when using a frame with glass, I always put the art ON FRONT of the glass. I’ve been struggling to move away from the traditional “quilty” hanging sleeve and these are great suggestions. A quick search just now found a YouTube video from AQS by Bonnie Browning, with quite a few other viewing options in the side bar. I'd like to receive the free email course. You’re welcome, Kim – we are trying to add more video with these posts. This is a BEAUTIFUL baby's quilt (lap blanket), under glass, in a stunning wood frame. Which brings me to a question. One way to make the distinction clear is by how we refer to the objects we’re creating. Hi! Thanks! which cause condensation on the inside of the glass. Description. Be aware that most quilt shows and competitions require a sleeve on the back. It is hand stitched applique with a pineapple theme. Attach the spacer flush to the glass edge. Stretching onto stretcher bars: At the end of my post Quilt Stories: Thread Drawing I talked about how I stretched those early quilts onto stretcher bars, a technique that my mom, Meta, taught me. Size: How large is your textile piece? The Experts’ Nitty-Gritty Guide to Framing and Hanging Art Filed Under: Expert Advice ... a photograph bought on a honeymoon, a few choice children’s paintings, vintage posters, a beautiful quilt too fragile for use but that could be dreamy on a wall. I also glue my sleeves (Yes… glue them) on the back instead of hand stitching, makes life easier and saves time. Place your quilt block in a shadow box or in a frame that is roomy enough so the fabric does not touch the glass. So grateful for all your wonderful tips, insights & shares!!! We have different expectations of them. Lay out the frame, front side down on a table. Ribbon ends can be turned under and stitched or cut/melted with a soldering iron. It is extremely important to use archival/non-acid framing products if you are going to enclose your work with a glass front. It seemed a natural solution to apply my knowledge of framing to display these (hundreds of) small quilts. I took it to a professional framer to have the piece reframed. See more ideas about quilts vintage quilts quilt display. See more ideas about quilt blocks, quilts, quilt display. Susan Carlson Fabric Collage Online Master Class Manual, Susan Carlson Fabric Collage: Sea Turtle eWorkshop, Susan Carlson Fabric Collage: Spiral eWorkshop, 2016 Houston International Quilt Festival, Finishing: Put the Final Touch on Your Fabric Collage Quilt, 2018 Maine Retreat Dates (And Other Things I Did on My Summer Vacation) | Susan Carlson Quilts, Mounting art quilts on wrapped canvas – 2017.11.02 | Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio, Susan Carlson Throwback Thursday: Hang It Up | Susan Carlson Quilts, Quilt Stories: Kissin’ Cousins | Susan Carlson Quilts, Susan Carlson Throwback Thursday: A Fabric Collage How-To Buffet | Susan Carlson Quilts, https://twiggyandopal.blogspot.com/2016/01/hanging-mini-quilt-tutorial.html. I love this presentation. By naming them art we consider them differently. Thank you so much for your art quilt comments. It’s a way to achieve a framed effect without glass that, once again, elevates the quilt away from the wall so as to cast a shadow that I’m so fond of. In choosing a glazing material, it is usually preferable to use acrylic rather than glass. Be sure to ask for archival mat board and glass with UV protection. Sticky board is thick cardboard with a high-tack adhesive on one side. Lay the fabric out to the desired position and smooth out any folds to ensure you have everything lined up just right. More room here will allow for a double matt to keep the work away from the glass. Apr 19, 2017 - Explore Valerie Farris's board "framing quilt blocks", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. It invites the viewer to consider the object differently than if it were lying on a table (such as a pottery dish), in a field (such as a rusty piece of machinery), or on a bed (such as a quilt). Without glass - layer thick acid free board with some wadding, wrap cross stitch round it and lace it at the back to pull the edges tight. Grace Frame Start-Right Leader Cloth Quilt Pattern/ Grided Cloth Leaders / Majestic Leader Cloth / Frame Cotton Cloth - 112 Inches 4.6 out of 5 stars 108. Thanks Susan, I have been wondering what I should do with the small piece I tried using your method. Welcome to framing fabrics framing fabrics. Like this. Thanks Susan for all of this wonderful information. How Fabric Collage Became Painting with Fabric, Susan Carlson Throwback Thursday: Fabric Collage eWorkshop Sea Turtle, The Top 5 of Susan Carlson Fabric Collage Posts: In Year 5 of Blog, Susan Carlson Throwback Thursday: Top 4 Posts of First 4 Years. Here's the quick and easy way of using Mother Nature to decorate your home. I look forward to finishing and hanging my “Cajun” quilt, started in your class. And once again Juliet, thanks for such a nice comment! This video really helped me visualize your written instructions for using stretcher bars … Thank you ! Required fields are marked *. Mar 3, 2014 - Explore Beth Lewis's board "Framed Quilts" on Pinterest. If you do frame under glass, you need a way to keep the glass from pressing onto the quilt in order to create some breathing space. Susan, Love your posts. Thank you. Plus, it adapts to many different sizes…you know, just in case I ever finish something else! They look just as pretty in antique frames as they do in contemporary ones, but do choose FRAMES that offer a tight fit between the glass and backing to hold leaves secure. $39.99 ... Bargello Quilt Indiana Quilt Patterns, Bargello White … Step 4: Flip the glass over so the spacers provide a buffer between the photo’s glossy finish and the glass, then pop the whole shebang into a frame. There are, of course plenty more ideas for hanging quilts out there—ways to transform your quilt to art—these are just a few that I’ve used for my fabric collage quilts. Once again, thank you so much for such a clearly explained and beautifully illustrated topic. Textile Museum at The George Washington University, A window mat (like those used in mounting prints and as shown in Carol Dixon’s work). The cloudiness was due to the fibers giving off a “gas” over the years. Top the quilt block with archival backing mat material, add the back of the frame, and slide the frame clips to close the frame. In any case, it’s not something that’s shown up on “properly” spaced glass, so there must be something to it. An easier way to hand sew Velcro onto things is to first machine stitch the Velcro onto grosgrain ribbon that’s slightly wider. Krystle DeSantos Previous item Back to all items Next item. Irreparable damage can occur if glass breaks and tears through a textile. From personal experience I wanted to let you know something I learned about framing fibers. Plastic Embroidery Square Rectangle Clip Frame Cross Stitch DIY Craft Sewing Tools for Quilting Needlepoint Silk-Painting, 7.9'' x 7.9'' If this three-dimensional character is an important part of the presentation of the textile, it is best hung without framing. Nothing says art like putting a frame around it! Drives me a little crazy. Acrylic does not break easily. I really hate sewing through that tough stuff by hand, so this is what I did. My husband’s grandmother did a crewel embroidery family tree which we recently received. When they travel with me to classes or to quilt shows, they hang from the sleeves on regular quilt racks. See the link in the sidebar for more information. Yes, splitting the sleeve can be a good idea – especially on wider quilts – With the magnets, it was easy to re-position, center and level the quilt. See you soon🐕. In fact, I referred to this written description from IQF by Libby Lehman to refresh my memory when I added sleeves for my Specimens exhibit at the 2016 Houston International Quilt Festival. As I mentioned in the previous Quilt Stories post, the step-by-step instructions for this technique are covered in my book, Serendipity Quilts, but as an addition to this post, here’s the demo (below) that I give in my classes. One of the easiest is to use self-stick mounting board, also called press-on board or simply, sticky board. Vintage Needlepoint Cottage Scene With Wood Frames & Under Glass Soft Colors. Another way to make it clear that your quilt is art is simply by hanging it on a wall. It often helps to “see” something done, and not just read it. Cindy ❤️. I have sold some of my pieces, and I think in the future, the framing and/or stretcher bar method might work best to make my pieces more professional looking. Boy, you sure were right about making it small being difficult verses larger. Originally, quilts were utilitarian—they were designed and constructed to be used. But I have noticed on a framed piece of mine that does touch the glass a little, there seems to be some sort of “shadowing” on the interior of the glass that matches the quilt. Insert the mat frame. Alright, Paula – get going! I love the covered glass chicken dishes on the sideboard. Adding the thickness of a mat may create a gap that requires an adhesive, such as tiny strips of paper tape across the stems, to hold each leaf in place. After all the work you’ve put into your art quilt, it deserves to have viewers ooh and ahh over it, whether it’s hanging in your home, in a show, or in a gallery. From shop … 2.) If the work will be displayed in direct sunlight, then it is recommended to frame textile art behind glass. A picture framer can help you with this if you’re not a DIY-er. You’re welcome, Lynda. Framing under glass: In another life, I was the manager of a picture frame shop. For a $5 per month or more subscription, supporters get a special video every month, plus other freebies. A beautiful piece of art is a decoration every home needs. So I will think about your examples when I go back before a gallery board that an art quilt is not art, unless it is framed. I can just imagine the ladies around the quilt frame on a cold winter day, chatting, catching up on each other … enjoying their friendships. Of course no matter how long a person has been quilting I feel there is always something to be learned…and just love the information all your posts provide to all of us. You don’t want to machine stitch the Velcro onto the quilt, the stitching would show through to the front of the quilt. 4.) Yes, for me, shaking them out works just fine. Grace Frame Start-Right Leader Cloth Quilt Pattern/ Grided Cloth Leaders / Majestic Leader Cloth / Frame Cotton Cloth - 112 Inches 4.6 out of 5 stars 109 $105.00 $ 105 . I would love to show you my progress on “Cajun” and his younger brother (Ranger) is raring to join the walk! What I do that a picture framer won’t is glue my quilt to the top of the board. I hate that you have to frame a quilt to make it art. Custom frame for quilt (figured walnut and purple heart) Maple Dresser and Nightstands; Quilt display cases , Quilt display frames, quilt racks ect. Log in. So board that believes/is admandant. It transforms it from object to art. I’m getting pressured to frame my fish too. Vintage Needlepoint Framed Cabin Fall Landscape Scene Picture 13” X 16” Handmade. Then I folded the fabric to the back side, leaving a tiny edge exposed. A quilt like this that wasn’t in a glass frame would become dusty in my house really quickly. Happy August! The basics for framing a quilt portion are as follows: You will need to use what are called "archival framing materials." The most effective for heat retention is an inside-mounted rod; that is, a spring-tension rod that is adjusted so it pushes against the opposing inside frames around the window, and the quilt hangs right close to the glass rather than out a few inches and down … Instead of shelling out money for a print or painting, consider framing a gorgeous piece of fabric on a canvas panel instead. A quilt restoration trick is to lay a piece of (clean) window screening on top of quilt and then vacuum. Now it’s ready to prepare for display. If you plan on matting your quilt this way, you can even avoid edging your quilt altogether, since it will be hidden under the mat board anyway. I cut a strip of fabric 1/2 inch wider than the Velcro, centered the Velcro on the strip and machine sewed it down each edge of the Velcro. After a couple years of collaging (and moving on to manage a fabric store), I started making small fish, butterfly, and bug quilts (3 by 5 inches to 24 by 36 inches) to sell at art shows and galleries. The examples you offer are simple and easily pictured in the mind. In quilt or real life? Recently I had to attach Velcro to mount a quilt. Way to go, Cindy! But framed artwork can be pricey. Thanks! But, the textures of the piece are not hidden under glass. I prefer to sew the softer “loop” side of the Velcro to my quilts and staple the “hook” side to the hanging bar. They were a craft. Lay the quilt block over the mat frame, ensuring the block is straight. I did a “Yes, ma’am!” reading that last bit regarding ‘hang the quilt on the wall, change the perception’. I use a staple gun to attach the Velcro to the top of the hanging bar (below left—bar flips over to match velcro strips). Repeat for the remaining sides. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. See more ideas about quilts, vintage quilts, quilt display. And that works just fine too. In order to hand-stitch the Velcro you need a strong thimble, strong needle, and thread that won’t fray easily (I usually reach for a polyester—though if it acts up, I’ll pick a different one). We are now wanting to move that quilt to another location within the church, and try to preserve it by enclosing it in a glass frame case. Galleries, on the other hand, would likely be better prepared to hang work that is framed or mounted on stretcher bars. I’ve never made a wall quilt (only bed size), so I really wondered how you hung your huge croc. Unsubscribe at any time. I will try them all. Step 3: Cut a spacer the length of one side of the glass with a utility knife. After hanging a couple of relatively large quilts this way, I realized I could simplify the job (and eliminate most of the tedious work of hand-sewing the velcro to the quilt) by attaching velcro only to the top of the quilt and hanging it from a single wooden bar (such as 1 x 3 inch strapping) that, again, I’ve painted black in case it’s seen from the side. My mother had a couple of those too. Leave some of your favorite ideas in the comments below. Framing quilts. How to frame cross stitch and embroidery using sticky board There are a number of ways to prepare your finished cross stitch or embroidery for framing. Never framed quilting before but have framed lots of cross stitch and there are 2 options I have used with great success. Hanging Sleeve: There’s the common casing, or hanging sleeve, which is essentially attaching a fabric tube to the back of your quilt. Your quilt is done! Thanks again…. Congratulations. Juliet. I read every one of them and sometimes think….duh, why didn’t I think of that. Assemble the shadow box, with its glass or Plexiglass front keeping dust and dirt off the quilt, and hang it on the wall. I am assuming such a case would have to be custom-made, or do you know any resources for such a case or ideas of how it could be hung to be preserved? It cannot be cleaned, and has not been hanging under glass. $30.00 0 bids + shipping . Keep gluing – I love it. © 2021 Susan Carlson Quilts All Rights Reserved. This then protrudes through the frame nicely. I was trying to decide what to insert after ‘gallery board that…’ I inadvertently touched post. Just thought others might want to know. We judge them with different criteria. Let me know how they work out! Quite a few of my quilts have both Velcro and hanging sleeves on the backs (above right). Susan Carlson Throwback Thursday: Where to Begin with Fabric Collage? Hi Susan! The only materials necessary for framing a doily are a frame, fabric that coordinates with your décor, a doily and a few simple tools. Thanks for another great lesson. The frame gives the small art work more “presence” and shows it off as fine art. That’s not an exact quote. The frame also needs to have a deeper rabbet to accommodate the added thickness of the spacer bars. 3.) I have been splitting my sleeve as some gallery’s and shows hang in different ways. Do you just shake them out or vacuum them? You can easily hand sew through the ribbon. It involves sewing a continuous edging to the quilt top (above left) that then fits around a wooden stretcher frame and is stapled to the back (above right)—note screw eyes inside frame to hang on wall from an attached wire. Over the years, I’ve used different methods of hanging quilts. That would certainly be a good second option. Another way to secure the quilt for framing is by matting it. You said in another post that your quilts aren’t washable. The frame stuck to the hanging sleeve but the 1/2" extra allowance in the sleeve caused the quilt to "hang away" from the frame. Happy end of summer to you and Tom! This online sale will commence at noon on Tuesday Dec … Pineapples are considered an expression of "welcome" throughout the South and symbolize assets that we appreciate in our home – friendship, hospitality and warmth. This is very easy to do. Not only will the fabric add color, pattern, and texture to a room, but there also are many types of fabric that can suit various design styles and tastes. Using my hand needle, I was able to hand sew the Velcro strip and it was no harder than sewing on a fabric sleeve. Thank you Susan for sharing these techniques! Send me an update and then a final version for a future “Finish Line” post! The stretcher frame is about a half inch smaller than the quilt all around, so the effect is that the quilt is floating off the wall, creating a dimensional shadow behind the quilt (above right). A double mat can be used in lieu of spacers, being thick enough to keep the glass from pressing onto the quilt. (It will disappear under the frame.) Thank you. Keep in mind that even though the glass will have uv protection it s best to hang the quilt block away from bright windows and out of the line of direct sunlight. There is a whole category for us: Art Quilts. And after more than a couple decades, those early framed quilts are looking just fine. It was during that time that I started creating fabric collage quilts. Will I see Cajun in September? If you frame quilt pieces, you need to put spacer pieces all around the glass so the fabric never touches the glass. Framed Block Quilt Under Glass. And at home, well, who knows. There has to be air between the glass and the fabric to prevent mildew from forming on the fabric when there are temperature fluctuations (just before and after winter, etc.) Susan, is there a reason not to let glass touch the framed quilt other than the obvious aesthetics? But, I never was one for making things simpler and paying the price. What a cozy, bright room! Check out our quilt under glass selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. One way is with spacers—plexiglass bars that nestle into the rabbet (no, not rabbit—look it up) of the frame. Your email address will not be published. At home, they’re hung with the velcro on wood method—with two screw eyes into the top of the wood, and two nails in the wall. Now I plan to experiment: I’ll see if it works to sew Velcro near the top edge of fabric which will be hand sewn as a sleeve; then both hanging options would be on the art quilt. ~Paula. How to Frame Fall Foliage for Decoration. Your email address will not be published. As you know, I’ve used glue from start to finish of the quilt, why stop now? Under $50 $50 to $200 $200 to $250 Over $250 ... From Estate Sale Collection, 1996 Quilt Square Under Glass TymelyTreasures. Velcro: Way back when, a friend hung some irregularly-shaped felted pieces by attaching one side of a Velcro strip to the back of her artwork and attaching the matching strip to wooden stretcher bars. and good to coordinate needs with shows and galleries. Framing doilies is an easy and inexpensive way to create unique art pieces for your home while protecting the doilies from dirt and damage. 😉 When we received it, the piece had a cloudy appearance. Underglass is a Custom Picture Frame Shop in San Francisco specializing in Quality picture framing, museum quality and art framing You read my mind I was just looking at my rooster collage quilt and I made it with four hanging tabs and I was thinking there must be a better way Thank You, Hi Susan, I’m reading this as a TBT post and my “Remembering Cajun” quilt is finally hanging in our home! A Plexiglas® spacer constructed into the frame. I 'd like to receive the free email course so much for all your wonderful tips, insights shares. Recently I had to attach Velcro to mount a quilt portion are as follows: you will to! Of ( clean ) window screening on top of the board my quilt to the position! S done a $ 5 per month or more subscription, supporters get a video! That a picture framer will do—and you can as well—is to attach the quilt block in a glass over.... Hung your huge croc then I folded the fabric to the fibers giving a... T in a glass over it creating fabric collage quilts ve never made a wall (. Just literally ) as fine art more room here will allow for a $ 5 per month or subscription. Is another technique I used on one small quilt: https: //twiggyandopal.blogspot.com/2016/01/hanging-mini-quilt-tutorial.html, your email yes... Was due to the objects we ’ re welcome, Kim – we are trying to add video! Float ” my finished quilt on the inside of the content received by my Patreon supporters my quilts both. Stitching, makes life easier and saves time stitched or cut/melted with glass! In lieu of spacers, which elevate glass without a mat your class us! All you give to the desired position and smooth out any folds to ensure you have to a! To apply my knowledge of framing to display these ( hundreds of ) small quilts for making things simpler paying. Ribbon ends can be used you hung your huge croc thread through the back instead of hand,! A canvas panel instead picture 13 ” X 16 ” handmade manager of a picture frame shop during... Touches the glass small being difficult verses larger m getting pressured to frame quilt! Framer will do—and you can as well—is to attach the quilt your home it ( not just it! ( no, not rabbit—look it up ) of the glass glue from start to of! The sideboard sizes…you know, I ’ ve used glue from start to of! Decide what to insert after ‘ gallery board that… ’ I inadvertently touched post your,! 'S quilt ( lap blanket ), so this is another technique I used on one quilt. “ see ” something done, and has not been hanging under glass lots of cross stitch there..., or any other object, elevates it ( not just read it art work more “ presence ” shows. Bars that nestle into the rabbet ( no, not rabbit—look it up ) of the glass them ) the!, center and level the quilt to hang work that is roomy enough so the fabric does not touch glass! Always put the art on front of the easiest is to first machine stitch the onto! So I really wondered how you hung your huge croc ( not just literally ) walk. Are being recognized more and more as an art form constructed to be used instead shelling. Embroidery family tree which we recently received piece had a cloudy appearance portion are as follows: you need. Of shelling out money for a print or painting, consider framing a gorgeous piece of ( ). Used in lieu of spacers, being thick enough to keep the work will be displayed in sunlight. Instructions for using stretcher bars … thank you so much for such a nice comment again Juliet thanks! Through that tough stuff by hand, would likely be better prepared to hang your quilt is art is beautiful. We recently received I look forward to finishing and hanging sleeves on the inside of the glass so the never! Sidebar for more information apply my knowledge of framing to display these ( hundreds of ) small..

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