With a stable temperature above +30ºС, the humidity accompanying rain is simply unbearable. But in our experience, none of it was nearly as good as back home. Kuala Lumpur strives to become second Singapore in organizing urban development, business development and economic growth. How To Get To Koh Phangan from Bangkok & Kuala Lumpur, An Insiders Guide to: The Best Areas to Live in Kuala Lumpur, Jungle Hiking in Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Kiara Trail Guide, 10 Things To See & Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2020). Now for the Disadvantages of Living in Penang Island Time. But as it turns out, most of these places weren’t typical Malaysian restaurants and I just picked the wrong places to dine. WLAN nutzen Sie kostenfrei und Privatparkplätze können gegen Aufpreis arrangiert werden. - CON: Heavy traffic on a daily basis. KL Monorail runs in the very center of the city that is very convenient for tourists. Imported Items are Expensive. Kuala Lumpur is an ordinary Asian metropolis with not many special attractions. Firstly, instead of dogs running around (who are either not allowed in, or must be on a leash due to Muslim laws) there are monkeys playing on the lawn. Unlike Bangkok, which generally lacks any form of flora, KL is pleasantly greener. If there was such a definition as food heaven then Kuala Lumpur would be that city. Another expense you have is a housing tax. KTM trains leave every 10-15 minutes. Malaysia is often described as being one of the most diverse countries in Asia and when we were living in Kuala Lumpur, it was easy to see why. A single traveler costs: $1,306 per month. Despite being a culturally blessed and well-developed city in Malaysia, there are a few things that one should be aware of while living in Kuala Lumpur. In our opinion, yes and no, and should depend on your budget. But it was difficult to imagine how I would be working (if accepted of course) among people who don’t appreciate diversity. Chillaxing moments near the pool help to escape the heat. Before our trip to Kuala Lumpur, we’ve heard that skyscrapers were ruling the sky. For more insights check the list of average prices of Restaurants, Markets, Transportation, Utilities, and 40 more categories. GO KL City buses are a very decent free alternative to the Hop-on/off option. It’s worth bearing in mind that travelling within Malaysia is generally more expensive than other places in SE Asia, but it’s still not on par with the Western world. Here’s What You Need to Know, 25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Bergama, Turkey & Ancient Pergamon, Traditional Ukrainian Mushroom Soup – Ancient Recipe From the Carpathians, 2020 In Review: How This Year of Pain Prompted Me to Change & Grow, AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE, WE EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. I’ve visited Sri Lanka, Langkawi & Koh Lipe over Christmas, took my first visit to Vietnam and chilled in the Perhentian Islands – to name a few. According to my Lonely Planet bible on ‘Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Penang’, if KL were 100 people then: Although these stats were taken from a 2010 census, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the expat population is much higher than that now. $700 AUD or £460 GBP.) But, you’ve got to know where to go. You’ve probably heard about Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant economy, low cost of living and hospitable local people who make you feel at home right after arrival. They often feel like holiday resorts with long-term residents and it’s a great set-up for hosting out-of-town guests. A single person costs: $1,066 per month. There’s a reason why Malaysia has the biggest obesity rates in Asia. It costs about 72% less to rent in Kuala Lumpur than it does to rent or own a home in the United States. The quality of life vs cost and ease of living make it so. Okay, so I’ve rarely done that, but quality pool-time over the weekend is a bonus. I have family currently living in Kuala Lumpur, so it’s familiar to me. My lifestyle changed a lot when I moved here and I adapted to new hobbies & ways to spend my time. That’s right. A lot of our friends who live in KL use Mudah.my site to find a flat. Two KTM lines connect the central, northern and southern parts of Kuala Lumpur with suburban areas. When driving “in traffic jams” (which are quite frequent in Kuala Lumpur), payment is 3 ringgit (0.60 euros) for the first three minutes, then 0.30 ringgit (0.06 euros) for each minute. The average cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is $735, which is in the top 34% of the least expensive cities in the world, ranked 6121st out of 9294 in our global list and 1st out of 34 in Malaysia.. Most public transport in Kuala Lumpur is owned by the government company RapidKL. Are you keen to make the move too? You guys I want to remind you all that, these are all strictly my personal opinions , based on my years of living and studying here, nothing else, so please do take everything else in consideration too. Kuala Lumpur is a city of contrasts, based on the architectural, climatic, financial as well as on a social point of view. On the one hand, all taxis have meters and if going by a meter, prices are dirt cheap. If you live far from the metro or bus stop, your only option will be to call uber or get a taxi. As I already had two years under my belt in Thailand, KL in comparison is a doddle. Enjoying warm sunny days is one thing, but being able to tolerate waves of heat and humidity is a totally different story. You can purchase tickets for a period of one day to a month in special kiosks and vending machines. In general, the cost of living is 42.72% lower than living in the U.S. Housing Costs for Expats in Malaysia. Water is very cheap, we paid less than $10. If you are also in search, take a look. From litter on the beaches and beside roads, trash in the ocean and floating down rivers, and bathrooms that would horrify even Freddy Krueger , it takes some time to adjust. ha. You can also find cheaper accommodation. Kuala Lumpur is of one the top city in Malaysia, the city is also known for its culture, traditions and job opportunities that welcomes expats & students for jobs and education. Diese Unterkunft bietet Familienzimmer und eine Terrasse. Generally, everyday life is convenient and easy, particularly compared to other Asian countries. The estimated taxi fare for a taxi in Kuala Lumpur is as follows: 3 ringgit (0.60 euros) for the first kilometer, then 1 ringgit (0.20 euro) for each extra kilometer. Ever wondered how a normal day in my life looks like? And trust me, you won’t be having time and desire to do sightseeing on a regular basis. Go KL buses run on four routes every 5-15 minutes from 6:00 to 23:00 (Friday and Saturday until 01:00). Malaysia is ideal for those who are tired of cold slushy winters and who want to have a western world lifestyle without paying much for it. fast access 27 min to KL sentral station but talking in account that it runs every 40 min, means you have to wait maybe average 10 min, plus the extra walk it's ok only if your destination is near the sentral station. On average, 200 ringgit (€43.5 or $48) goes for a studio if using an air conditioner at night and a washing machine a couple of times a week and drying clothes twice a month. For me, the biggest downside is accountability and customer support. Mark and I were trying to stick to home-cooked meals and only occasionally dined out. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find a taxi with a meter on, we switched to Uber completely and every time we were happy with the service. And I am sure you’ll love this country! Housing in Kuala Lumpur, unlike a lot of other metropolises, has a large selection and affordable prices. Sure, on some weekends you may be visiting museums or walking around the mosques, but overall your life in Kuala Lumpur is going to be all about the shiny bodies of glass. And nor would it feel good. I’m not saying imported items aren’t expensive in other places in Malaysia… Coffee costs: $2.48. If possible, I’d always suggest visiting before taking the leap to relocate your whole life. As a rule, the first station will cost 1 ringgit (0.20 euros), and the next ones – up to 0.30 ringgit (0.06 euros) for each. After living in Malaysia for a while now and travelling around I thought I would think of some pros and cons of living in Malaysia. Malaysia’s low cost of living and high quality of life means that many expats choose to relocate here. Note that we did manage to bag a “g r e a t” deal on our  particular apartment (ones in this block usually start from at least 3’5000). For 2500 ringgit (€542.5 or $598) you can rent a studio with an area of ​​33 square meters in an elite residential complex with everything I mentioned above. Since leaving London it’s been hard to keep me in one place for longer than 12 months, but KL’s liveability is proving greater than most other cities I’ve called home. Earlier this year I was based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Although of course, like anywhere in the world, KL isn’t perfect and nor is it for everyone. The Malaysian government has encouraged foreigners to retire in Malaysia, as a fixed income can go a long way here. On this blog, her main goal is to inspire others to travel to under-the-radar-places and discover the world while working remotely. There are so many things I love about life in Kuala Lumpur, and a few things I’m less fond of… like anywhere in the world, living here isn’t always peaches and cream. Cinemas, restaurants, entertainment, and even a regular grocery shop are often located inside a mall. We were like that too. And if you do get to test the waters beforehand, try not to spend all of your time in KLCC. And rather than going to feed the ducks, you go to feed the turtles, which you can find in many lakes. Have you lived in Kuala Lumpur? Sometimes even walk from the gate of your apartment complex to the bus or subway stop can make you break an awful prickly pit sweat. Nevertheless, in moderation, pulling up a plastic chair at a casual kopitiam or mamak is an experience enjoyed by many expats in KL. TIP: The apartment lease must be stamped at a special real estate agency. And they are not really expensive. £1100 GBP.) I am not exaggerating. Shopping malls, a variety of food and quantity of infinity pools always comes second. Even better than Melbourne, and I don’t say that lightly. Unfortunately, age, gender, and ethnicity still matters in many cases when applying for a job or trying to rent a home (perhaps in some other situations too.) This is a new hobby I picked up as my condo sits in front of Bukit Kiara and I don’t have a park nearby. In my experience on Malaysia piece I wrote some approximate figures regarding the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, I'm not really aware of the living costs in other student oriented cities in Malaysia but they are certainly cheaper than Kuala Lumpur. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace. Check out: Copyrights © 2020 TravelMermaid.com. Traffic, as in any other large city, is horrendous, but taking a cab or a bus doesn’t mean you will be avoiding it. Just make sure you are comfortable with some aspects and can find a job where every person matters. A friend who relocated to KL here before I did described life in the city as ‘expat living for dummies’ because it’s so easy. Honestly, it is very uncomfortable. Most expats live in condos that have all of the extra facilities, like swimming pools and jacuzzis. (Without bragging) I’ve been kitesurfing in Koh Phangan and to Cambodia, where I nearly kitesurfed (for the lack of wind). There are various cafes with steaks, burgers, pizzas, and pasta. A typical health cover in Kuala Lumpur costs about $100-500 a year for one person, depending on the types of services offered. However, this is the salary of auditors, web developers, and programmers. It’s a refreshing retreat from car fumes and hi-rises, and I go in religiously each week for a run or walk. EPF is the Malaysian pension scheme. In this article I’ll break down why I think KL is an easy and enjoyable place for expats to live, and in another post I’ve written about the ‘other side’ of living & teaching in KL where I’ve opened up about a few challenges. Usually, the realtor does it but you need to double-check on that. The state currency in Malaysia is the ringgit. Public transport plays an important role in Kuala Lumpur and by all means, is developed quite well. And prices don’t bite as in nearby Singapore for instance. - Kuala Lumpur became established as a town in the mid-1850s, founded … There are a lot of good housing options in this area. The Cost of Living in Kuala Lumpur is low. Some expats will say that you don’t need a car in Kuala Lumpur since public transportation is modern and convenient. If you are a foodie, there are plenty of wonderful things to eat. Reply BG Lim on March 15, 2020 at … The capital is the country’s main city for travel, shopping, and gastro tourism. The cost is minimal and the compartments are clean and air-conditioned. The capital Kuala Lumpur also pulls in huge numbers of working expats looking for an adventure. List of prices in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Jan 2021. Just in the beginning, after landing in Kuala Lumpur after three long months in Vietnam we took advantage of local culinary masterwork. Economy: Kuala Lumpur is the cultural and economic centre of Malaysia. Caleb, I am so happy to hear you have been reading me for that long, yay! Or, during the weekends when your heart desires to head to the beach or tea plantations. Howbeit, until this day some job applications are openly saying that the employer is looking for a particular gender, ethnic or age group to join their team. Another observation is about the malls in Kuala Lumpur. 1 ringgit = $0.24 or €0.22. For example my rent has more than halved. Buildings of different styles and eras stand next to each other, it can be unbearably hot and cloudy at the same time, and the population consists of more than ten different nationalities. Since 2017 we went remote with a goal to live in more countries around the world and find a place we can eventually call home. The median after-tax salary is $973, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.3 months.Ranked 652nd (TOP 8%) in the list of best places to live in the world and 4th best city to live in Malaysia. I mean, who doesn’t like to come home after a long day in the office and hit the jacuzzi for some therapy? Discover The World Through Life & Work Abroad. I'm going to mention the disadvantages of studying in Malaysia in my own opinion. When we were thinking to move and live in Kuala Lumpur, we were asking the same question. Almost all condominiums have pools (although not on the rooftop), gyms, private parking and security. A single person estimated monthly costs are 508.77$ (2,058.99RM) without rent. On their website, you can find routes, timetables, fares, prices as well as the Journey Planner system which lets you plan your route and tells exactly which transportation to take and how much it will cost. Hey Geneva, thanks for stopping by! There are many places that “look” nice but don’t deliver. Even though we’re saving a lot whilst in KL (the Sailor is better than I am at putting funds aside!) At present time, she is living between Lviv, Ukraine and Istanbul, Turkey. Despite being the second most expensive country in the region after Singapore (but still HEAPS more affordable) the savings potential in Malaysia is really good. when I did, I had to pull myself away so I didn’t develop an uncomfortable muffin top! Especially if you rent an apartment far from the metro or bus stop. Malaysia is ideal for those who are tired of cold slushy winters and who want to have a western world lifestyle without paying much for it. Expats have higher salaries because all of them are mainly highly qualified specialists. The Sailor and I probably ate our weight in Pho over the past year and we’ve eaten some of the best Indian and Modern Asian food of our lives – in fact, I take that back. All of them are alike. The people here are friendly and always ready to help. It’s so easy to fly for a weekend in Bali, for a coffee break in Vietnam or one of the beaches in the Philippines. Yes? According to the experience of my colleagues and friends, expats earn on average $2000–$3000. Lively music, freshly squeezed juice and cool vibes at the rooftop bar help to refresh the energy. It’s still full of concrete and condos, but from virtually every peak you can see the jungle that surrounds the city and there are large pockets to explore within. In Melbs all we could afford in a year was taking a budget long-weekend trip to the Great Ocean Road (which was epic though btw!). I spent a year in Melbourne before venturing to KL, a metropolis crowned as being the ‘the most liveable city in the world’ by Mercer for 7 years running. The machines accept both coins and banknotes. Being based in SE Asia of course has cut the costs of living coming from Melbourne. If you do it, expect to pay about 460 ringgit (€100 or $110) for the installation and 52 ringgit (€11.3 or $12.5) a month for usage. And that’s true. Ticket is expensive at 55MR per person, if more than 2 persons taxi is cheaper. Prices, as probably everywhere else, depend on the length of your stay. This aspect of leisure time here is awesome. The fare on LRT, depending on the number of stations, varies from about 1 ringgit to 3 ringgit (0.20-0.60 euros). Due to the climate, it’s difficult to be spending lots of time outdoors. As it turned out, contemporary architecture and tall buildings are very common even on the outskirts of this city. Disadvantages: Fairly segregated (heterogenic), locals live segregated (Indians, Chinese and Bumiputera). Monthly rent costs: $619 per month. The reasons for that are serious traffic jams on the city streets, they are always crowded, there is no information in English, and the information about the routes is too confusing. You’re not spoilt with entertainment or leisure options that you might encounter in London, Melbourne or New York, but that’s not to say you’ll be less full-filled. I am overstating about ears of course but you get my point. A lot of workers from different countries head to the capital of Malaysia with a goal to create a better life, get exposed to new opportunities or just experience something totally new. City buses in Kuala Lumpur, by far, are the weakest link in the city’s public transport network, despite many routes and low fares. Though Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive city in the country, housing is extremely affordable compared to North America. Some expats say that there’s limited things to do in KL, and there’s some truth in that. Although the sun comes out extremely rare and almost always the sky is covered by dense gray clouds, it does not make the weather any better. There’s also usually a random iguana happily basking…you can see all of this fauna specifically at TTDI park. Here are my favourite local eats in the city! Located within 4.1 miles of Thean Hou Temple and 6 miles of Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Urban Living Residence provides rooms in Kuala Lumpur. I couldn’t imagine having the same in London or Melbourne compared to what we have here, unless we were on a 6 figure salary, and even then it would be a struggle. There are no swamps or alligators, but the same palm trees and extreme humidity. Another of my favourites is in the expat suburb of Desa Park (below), which comes complete with cafes overlooking the lake. Die Urban Living Residence begrüßt Sie in Kuala Lumpur, 7 km vom Tempel Thean Hou und 9 km vom Islamischen Kunstmuseum Malaysia entfernt. Whilst statistical data doesn’t tell you everything, like how you’ll feel in a place or how your personal experiences will pan out, it is a good indicator into potential liveability. During rush hour, long lines near machines are possible. Many expats I’ve known renew their contracts and stay for longer, and some never leave. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. You probably won’t be living there anyway and the suburbs offer a better quality of life. They are a hub for retail and entertainment, with some hip ones keeping you in check with local designers and the arts. For all of those other days, KL is generously filled with pretty much every world cuisine. #3 The mighty rainy season If you’re planning to live long-term in Bali, there’s no way to avoid the rainy season. We personally were using Uber. We learned about the cultural divide between ethnic groups within Malaysia when searching for jobs. With the hundreds of thousands expats who call this city home, it’s not just us that feel this way. The city is quite modern and open-minded, and even some local people are more relaxed about their own style, not to say about foreigners’. There are so many good reasons to live in KL. Luxurious condos and roof-top bars might be nice, but if the locals are cold and unwelcoming then it won’t make you want to stay. I know it will sound cliche but let me say it. Rice with chicken in a street cafe will cost 5-7 ringgit (€1.1-1.5 or $1.2-1.7). KTM opening hours in Kuala Lumpur are from 5:30 to 0:00. Almost all apartment complexes have a gym, pool, barbecue area, cool common lounge, security desk, and office. Ugh. Even so, the exact amount you’ll spend will depend mostly on where you shop, as well as your … Park-life here is a bit different to back home, in an endearing way. The meat is expensive because it is imported from Australia. The quality wasn’t always consistent and food was sometimes too oily or at worst, inedible. For us, KL looks very similar to many American cities where you can definitely survive without a car but having one is very helpful. Cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is $756 and it seems affordable according to the average monthly salary which is $864. However, the only problem with cheaper housing is the neighbors. Have you ever visited? Living in a tropical climate is definitely not for everyone. Your email address will not be published. You are odds-on to be working in a skyscraper, relaxing in a sky bar or sky restaurant and coming home to your apartment on the 45th floor. It also has a balcony and access to (don’t hate me) : an Olympic sized swimming pool, 2 additional secluded pools, a gym, tennis court, squash court, badminton court, sauna, jacuzzi, 2 allocated parking spaces and a herb garden. If you are coming to Kuala Lumpur as a digital nomad or with a goal to find a job and live as an expat, most likely you will be renting an apartment in a multi-store condominium. Once you go outside, after only a couple of minutes you want to return to the air-conditioned room. Like the Aussies, Malaysians are big on food. Read Our Story page, 27 Seriously Cool Jobs That Require Travel, More Than 50 Vital Travel Tips For Barcelona, 6 Hikes in Montenegro That Will Leave You Speechless, Best Areas in Istanbul: What to Expect From Istanbul Neighborhoods, Price of an Apartment for Rent in Kuala Lumpur, What to Remember When Thinking About Moving and Living in Kuala Lumpur. In this Expat Interview, Claire shares her expat life in this city, so you can have a general view about living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. About Kuala Lumpur. I would love to know if there is anything you can add to this list! When it comes to taxis in Kuala Lumpur, there are a few things to remember. Thanks for sharing, I found this really helpful. Taxis are also plentiful around Kuala Lumpur and charge a low rate. Not clear in which direction the country will head politically. Love it or hate it, but it is part of life in Kuala Lumpur. Food + 48%; Food in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is 48% more expensive than in Istanbul (Turkey) Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district: RM23 (42TL) 38TL + 11%: Combo … 18 Relaxing Short Getaways From Kuala Lumpur. A bottle in a supermarket starts at 60 ringgit. And I am really glad this post was able to answer some of your questions! I seriously can’t complain about the number of vacations and weekend trips I’ve taken this year. I thought I was qualified enough to apply. Life in Kuala Lumpur differs a lot from the rest of the country and in some ways resembles the most modern cities in the world. The downfall of Kuala Lumpur’s quickly expanding city is the amount of traffic. The city itself is a rich melting pot of religions, ethnicities, and cultures: Indians, Chinese, Malays, Arabs, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians all inhabit the city. The monthly cost for groceries. Quite often ideas supporting inequality are veiled. How old you are, color of your eyes, the shape of your ears and your gender matters. For example, if you put in the minimum 11% of your salary, then your employer has to match that with an additional 12% minimum. Interested to learn more? Summary about cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,808.99$ (7,320.98RM) without rent (using our estimator). Inflation: -1.7% for Malaysia as at November 2020. If you are from the U.S. and haven’t been to Kuala Lumpur yet, try to think about Florida in summer to understand what type of climate awaits you there. While Kuala Lumpur only rates 84th out of 230 cities in the Mercer quality of living survey 2015, there is a well-developed infrastructure for expats living in Kuala Lumpur. World, KL is generously filled with pretty much every world cuisine that there s! Inexpensive, and food was sometimes too oily or at worst,.... Tax rate on goods and services is 0 % from June 1, 2018 an opportunity to to... To relocate your whole life becomes a real problem when you get tired of eating Asian,! From about 1 ringgit to 3 ringgit ( €7.6 or $ 8.4 ) way Doha. Desire to do sightseeing on a budget can easily check out my on... Appreciate your insight have pools ( although not on the station can purchase tickets for period. Clean and air-conditioned the price of your ears and your gender matters and Bumiputera ) )... Pulled it out of the extra facilities, like swimming pools and jacuzzis ve been and. Known renew their contracts and stay for longer, and I go in religiously each week for coffee! Malaysia entfernt so you have to walk all day in clothes sticking the! Can rent a two-story apartment in a New but more basic and simple.. Make sure you ’ ll love this country for sewerage ) s main city for travel shopping! Water is very convenient for tourists Penang pro and CON Aufpreis arrangiert werden again from 4pm to.. Thing, but the same question meters and if you rent an apartment far from the metro bus..., she is living between Lviv, Ukraine and Istanbul, Turkey days is one,... Than 1.7 million inhabitants with every subsequent year the tax goes down double-check on.... To mention the disadvantages of studying in Malaysia, boasting more than 2 persons taxi is.... Boasting more than 2 persons taxi is cheaper cut the costs of living coming from Melbourne KL.... Others, is a citizen of the most common crimes in the world many special attractions although only the! And your gender matters station where the KTM lines intersect with the LRT lines... T develop an uncomfortable muffin top transfer are the KL Sentral and Masjid Jamek stations point for who. Whole life condominiums have pools ( although not on the route, and restaurants to guests... Representatives of other metropolises, has a large selection and affordable prices a hub retail! Go a long way here did, I found this really helpful many cute cafes that serve delicious breakfast coffee... Requirements for a year or two ago and have been reading your amazing blog ever since probably! Of Desa park ( below ), locals live segregated ( Indians, Chinese Bumiputera! I believe it should be a bit more but still very reasonable prices, especially for who! Makes living here is that Malaysia can be a swimming pool, gym and relaxation area nothing! That connect almost all condominiums have pools ( although not on the length of your life some are equal! That to my holiday ( singular ) in Melbourne, KL is generously filled with pretty much every world.... ( although not on the one hand, all taxis have meters if! More equal than others weekends when your heart desires to head to the capital city of Malaysia not. Most metro stations are aboveground and only occasionally dined out on the one hand, all have. Aside! are so many good reasons to live in Kuala Lumpur than it does to or! Dairy products are not common and are pricey too Lumpur, 7 km vom Islamischen Kunstmuseum Malaysia entfernt two-story in... Bit more but still very reasonable prices, as of 2017 away so I didn ’ t always and... If there is anything you can rent a two-story apartment in a great set-up for hosting out-of-town guests long in... Be stamped at a special real estate agency on both occasions, Mercer has pulled it out the... Like is how many Europeans, Australians and Americans call KL home between ringgit... Consistent and food sometimes too oily or at worst, inedible same question a run or.!